Worlds best salty plums!

Are you looking for Australia's most popular salty plums? Look no further; we have the world-famous Darwin Plum and the popular Pink Lady. These dried red moist plums are the most Delicious in Australia. Find out more click the links below or check out our retail shop .....

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Darwins most popular red salty plums

1kg Salty plums

If you are looking for Darwins most famous salty plum look no further.

Australias biggest selling white salty plum

1kg White Salty Plums

No food colouring , but still delicious, .

2kg red salty plums

2kg Red Salty Plums

Amazing pink ladies in a discount pack.

3kg red salty plums

3kg Red saltyplums

If you love red salty plums then what better way than to buy them in 3kg bags.

5kg red salty plums

5kg Red Salty plums

The amazing red salty plum in 5kg deal.

10kg red saltyplums deal

10kg red salty plums

Buy in bulk and save here's 10kg of our most popular salty plums.

salty plum wholesale

Need Wholesale Quantities

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Our Complete Salty Plum Range

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